Breadinc. Raw SAL

Humble Beginnings

Our story begins from a bagel stand located in mazen pharmacy. It started as a simple endeavour to try and see if we can be bagel pioneers of the bagel business in lebanon, where we thrive to supply the best bagel experience that will keep you coming back for more. Day after day and bagel after bagel our success story was being made, until we had enough of a customer base to start our own shop. the rest was history!

Influenced by perfection

Our bagels are baked daily and not imported frozen! At Breadinc in Beirut, our bakers bake small batches only and use premium quality ingredients to always ensure freshness. Our central location in the heart of Beirut, facilitates nationwide distribution to all our clients within 48 Hours. Breadinc serves more than 50 businesses, including a number of top rated restaurants, coffee houses, pubs and catering companies. We are offering the flexibility of custom formulating products as well as recipes according to your exact specifications. In short, if you need something specific that's not on our list, we are happy to make it specifically for you.

Bagel enthusiasts

Our bagels are baked daily and not imported frozen! At Breadinc, we thrive to provide the best customer experience possible with the best snacks. Our experience is all about customer enjoyment and crumbs full of perfection in each bite. We always look for ways to improve ourselves and enhance deliveries as well as in shop or drive through services. We hope that each visit always keeps you coming back.